• The Dragon In The Cliff: A Novel About Mary Anning

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    The real life story of the thirteen-year-old girl who discovered the first complete dinosaur-like fossil in 1812 when women had no chance of being recognized as scientists.

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  • To Be Young In America: Growing Up With The Country, 1776-1940

    When looking through old picture albums, I always pause at the pictures of young people and wonder who they were and what their stories were. Did they go to school? To work? What kinds of games did they play? What happened to them when they grew up?

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  • Working Kids on Working

    A fascinating account of the many ways in which children as young as 7 or 8 years of age engage in work that is important to their families and their communities. In compelling examples ranging from busboys to fashion models, the untold story of working children comes to life.

  • When The Rain Stops

    After a downpour a little girl and her father go out to pick blackberries, encountering a variety of wildlife on the way.

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  • What Kind of Love

    Valerie Larch's life was going along fine. She had good friends, a stable family, and the promise of a career in music. She also had Peter Winder, the love of her life. When she finds herself pregnant everything suddenly changes.

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  • Meaning Well

    Lisa means well. She does not want to hurt Peggy, a quiet outsider in her sixth grade class. She befriends Peggy and is invited to Peggy's birthday party where she has a good time with her and her dog, Lucky. But...

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  • The Hen that Crowed

    One upon a time, owning roosters was illegal in the town of Bean Blossom because no one wanted to be woken up at dawn. So begins the tale of Charlene, the hen that crowed and became a hero.

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  • Development of Children

    The first authoritative text to provide a systematic account of human development which respects the wide variety of culturally organized human experience. A valuable resource for students and parents alike.

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